Dropbox is a well-known cloud file storage platform. In contrast to a hosting service where you can have an Internet site which is accessible online by typing a domain address, Dropbox allows you to store files, that you can access via their app using a computer or a smart phone. The files aren't executed, so an html file shall be listed and not displayed as an actual website. The service allows you to access your data from any location as long as you log in with the right credentials. Since the firm allows third-party providers to use their API, we've taken advantage of this service and we give you the chance to create regular automatic backups of the data you have on our end to a Dropbox account provided you've got sufficient space. This will include one more level of protection for your websites since you will always have a copy of any information that you might need and if the app is installed on your personal computer, a copy will be available not only on their servers, but also in a folder on your end.

Dropbox Backups in Web Hosting

You can use Dropbox for backups whatever the web hosting service that you opt for when you sign up and the feature shall be available within the Hepsia CP provided with all accounts. Linking one or even multiple Dropbox accounts takes only a couple of clicks and once the connection with our system is established, you can choose if all of your data will be backed up there or just certain websites and databases. This is determined by the size of the data which you have on our end and how much space you have in your Dropbox account. The amount of backups that you can have ranges from three to fourteen and our system will generate a new one every day, so you can have a copy of your data for up to fourteen days back and you shall be able to access them on your laptop or computer as standard files and folders. You can change the sites or the number of backups whenever you want. This functionality is an outstanding addition to the backups which we will keep of your entire content four times per day. In the event that you no longer want your Dropbox account to be linked to our system, you'll be able to remove it with a click in your CP.