Every time you purchase a brand new hosting account, your monthly payment is processed, your account is made and as automated as the whole process can be, there're always little things which are executed manually. For your virtual or a dedicated server there are even more things to be done since these kinds of website hosting usually need a manual setup, software installation & configuration, testing the server environment in order to make sure that all things are working the way it should, etcetera. To cover the expenses for the time and efforts all these duties take, many companies call for a one-time set-up charge to be paid by their clients in addition to the charge for the web hosting. The charge typically applies to every new hosting account being bought and it's rarely given on the company’s website, but it appears on the checkout page.

Setup Fee in Web Hosting

Our company does not charge anything over the price of the Linux web hosting that you choose, so you won't need to pay any sort of installation costs or any other fees different from what you have already noticed on our front page. We think that being honest to our customers is of crucial importance to developing a long-lasting business partnership, that being said we will never require that you pay hidden fees of any sort, especially for something that is almost entirely automated and usually requires a few min to be executed by our platform. You won't pay set-up fees even if you acquire a number of accounts plus they will all be completely active instantly, which means that you're able to begin taking care of your sites. The total amount of money that you will need to pay for our packages is the very same that you will see on our main page.